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We gladly provide you with health advise, products and services.

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A few words about us

Pharmacist Frank Chang Sing Pang is the respectable owner of Orange Grove Pharmacy here on Sint Maarten.

No matter where you stay on the island, whether your here on a cruise just for a few hours, or on vacation, Frank will provide you with the best health advise and will be able to provide or match any medication needed.

Prescription medications are honored, as well as over-the-counter products.

Orange Grove Pharmacy is well stocked and has a large variety of products and medications. Our staff is very friendly and educated, which makes anyone feel most comfortable asking for health advise. Click here for more information.

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Service Above and Beyond!

In case you need to see a doctor, we can assist you in getting a fast and affordable visit with a medical physician and guide you trough the process.You can rely on professional assistance no matter what the situation might be. Click here for more information.

24 hours Emergency Delivery Service

We provide 24 hours emergency delivery service for our customers all over Sint Maarten. Click here for more information.

Our team

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    Frank Chang Sing Pang

    Owner and Pharmacist

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    Deborah London

    Marketing Manager

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    Nasly Chang Sing Pang

    Pharmaceutical Administrator

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    Jennifer Sukhai

    Pharmacist Assistant

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    Juliatrie Taroenodikromo

    Pharmacist Assistant

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    Paulene Reid

    Care Taker

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